Build a Dynasty

Welcome to Ride or Dynasty, your new go-to fantasy football source for all things Dynasty and IDP. For us fantasy nerds, sometimes standard and PPR redraft formats are just not in-depth enough to satisfy our inner-NFL general managers. You may have heard of the Dynasty and Individual Defensive Player (IDP) formats, but thought something along the lines of “sounds complicated” or “I don’t have the time for that.”

Well, that’s where we come in. Our fantasy experts possess several decades of combined experience and wisdom. To us, fantasy football is not just a September-to-December activity, but a year-round job. The offseason is spent scouting incoming rookies and tracking every league transaction to see which players saw their outlooks improve and which ones did not. Summers are for following team training camps and compiling player rankings in time for fantasy draft season. Preseason is time for studying stats and film to uncover this year’s Phillip Lindsay, while biting our fingernails with worry over who will fall victim to a preseason injury.

So, why do we do this? Because we’re enthusiasts. And, of course, to build contenders and win championships. At Ride or Dynasty, From Drafts to ‘Ships, We Have Your Back. Our team strives to bring you the very best Dynasty and IDP advice on the web, arming you with what you need to win championships and rule your league like a dynasty.

Meet the Gang:

Ryan Bickerstaff – One of the founders at Ride or Dynasty. I’ve been playing fantasy football for over a decade and writing for pretty much my whole life. I’m a bit of a stat nerd and my fascination with fantasy football, and football in general, started at an early age. I see the game as an art, not just entertainment. Had I been born athletic enough to play in the NFL, I see myself as a free safety. A few more things about me: I’m a Detroit Lions fan, my favorite football movie is The Last Boy Scout, and I’m a veteran working toward completing a business degree but making a career as a sportswriter is the dream. Twitter: @bics_picks_ffb

JJ Wenner – One of the triumvirate of founders here at Ride or Dynasty and proud to call this my home. In the real world I am a middle school teacher and proud father of two recent college grads. I graduated from Hofstra University and am currently a few credits short of my MEd at DeSales University. I have been playing Fantasy football for almost two decades and am proudly addicted to it. IDP is the only way to do dynasty, and I am a proud recruiter of my fellow fantasy folk to the fun side of fantasy. When I am not teaching or writing, I am either listening to a podcast or reading some type of book. Twitter: @JJWenner

Michael Klos – Co-Founder. Like many of you, I choose to believe I have a healthy obsession with fantasy football. After 15 years of playing all types of formats, competitively or just for fun, I’m excited to be a part of the Ride or Dynasty community. I’m dedicated to dynasty and redraft leagues, and I’m always trying to calculate the value of some sort of blockbuster trade in my head at any given moment. In my free time, I enjoy chasing my two kids around the house and challenging people to obscure Star Wars trivia. Twitter: @michaelsklos