Is It Better To Grow Old or To Fade Away: A Look at the Potential Changing of the Guard for 5 Aging QB’s

By Jared Clifton As I scoured through my daily sports reading today, I came across a story on ESPN that talks about how the five oldest quarterbacks in the league are all in the playoffs. It's story book fodder, but all too real this season. Tom Brady: 43. Drew Brees: 41. Philip Rivers: 39. Ben … Continue reading Is It Better To Grow Old or To Fade Away: A Look at the Potential Changing of the Guard for 5 Aging QB’s

COVID Contingency Plans: Commissioner Perspective

As every commercial and email I received during the past four months have been more than happy to remind me, “We are in uncertain times…” Unfortunately, this sentiment has grown to include the start of the NFL season. Preseason may end up canceled to go along with, at best, a shortened training camp. Right now, the NFL is reluctant to adopt the “bubble” strategy other sports are employing. These choices may mean the season is at even more risk than other leagues.

The Dynasty Wide Receiver Manifesto: Part 2 – Film Study

Now that you are armed with the mathematical tools to identify what a future stud looks like on paper. How do you when math is being a back-stabbing bitch and pulls the rug out from under you and allows your dynasty stock to fall into the shadow like Gandalf battling the Balrog? The simple answer is you don’t. But there are in my opinion red flags that reveal themselves when you watch the tape. And by tape, I mean hours of any internet video you can get your hands on to watch the given player do every kind of movement you can possibly see.

The Dynasty Wide Receiver Manifesto: Part 1 – Metrics

What is the point of all this? Why is this important? It’s important because when you are drafting Wide receivers as rookies or buying/selling them based on what happened their rookie year, you have to get it right. At no point throughout that Receivers career are 10 touches a game just going to fall into their lap. Is David Montgomery good? Does anyone actually know? Does it matter? Don’t be silly OF COURSE it doesn’t matter. The Bears have chosen to endow him with 250 carries next year. He was drafted top 3 in most dynasty rookie drafts last year. He was awful, I mean hot garbage. I bet most owners of David Montgomery if they held on could probably still get a 1st round rookie value of some kind back for him in return. Even if he goes out an average 3 yards a carry next year. He will still likely see a role in 2021.

The Fantasy Manager’s Dilemma: Roster Building and Game Theory – Part 1

As opposed to real General Managers, we can view our players more in terms of investments. We do not need to consider locker room dynamics, contract issues, or even the chemistry effects of continually trading players. While somewhat dehumanizing, it more closely resembles the world of stock trading. In fact, we sometimes refer to players as "shares," a term taken directly from investment jargon.