King of the North: Team Breakdown of the NFC North

Kicking off the NFC North is last year's division champ and NFC title game runner-up. Matt Lafleur came in and immediately turned a stale franchise into a 13-3 home-field-advantage playoff team. However, with an improved and efficient defense, the typically offense-centric Packers failed to top 350 yards per game for the season. Outside of a monster year for Aaron Jones, the rest of the offense was mainly pedestrian outside of a few big games

Fantasy Opportunities: A look at the Minnesota Vikings

After a single strong year calling the shots for Minnesota's offense, Kevin Stefanski will fill the vacancy for Cleveland's new head coach. Stepping in as the new offensive coordinator will be Gary Kubiak himself after acting as a senior adviser last season. Interestingly, Minnesota did not bring back defensive coordinator George Edwards, instead opting to promote Andre Patterson and Adam Zimmer from within to be co-defensive coordinators.

Draft or Fade: What are you doing with these 6 Rookie WR?

Drafting rookies is as much about landing spot as it is about talent and potential. Let's take a look at six rookie wide receivers and decide whether or not we should draft or fade.