Dynasty Perspective: Comparing the Draft Value of Veterans vs Rookies – TEs

This is not a pro-Jason Witten take. Even though I love Witten and he has always been one of my favorite players, it scares me to no end that old man Witten was able to squeak into the top 12 of the position in 2019. Can any fantasy football player honestly say that they would have been happy with Jason Witten being their top TE for the season? If you can, then please share with me whatever you are drinking or smoking.

Dynasty Perspective: Comparing Draft Values of Rookie and Veteran WRs

This article looks at the likelihood of a wide receiver taken as a top 36 receiver in a startup draft, or a WR taken in the first two rounds of a rookie draft, helping you win a fantasy championship within the next three years. This article uses myfantasyleague.com WR ADP data and the fantasyfootballcalculator.com Dynasty rookie draft ADP from 2013 to 2019. Startup draft data is broken into WR 1-12, WR 13-24, and WR 25-36, and what are the chances that any of these receivers finish as a top 24 receiver or are considered a bust by falling out of the top 36 receivers within the next three years. The dynasty rookie draft data is broken down by first and second-round receiver ADP and their likelihood of finishing as a top 24 receiver or outside the top 36 and thus being considered a bust in any of their first three years using half PPR scoring.