Bold is Beautiful: Predictions for an Unpredictable Season – Part 2

By Brendan Taffe AFC South Houston Texans: Deshaun Watson Is Not A QB1 I’ll wait for the boos to die down.  Ok ready?  I think we are downplaying the loss of DeAndre Hopkins.  There are not many other receivers in the league quite like him.  He can win at all levels of the field, make … Continue reading Bold is Beautiful: Predictions for an Unpredictable Season – Part 2

Indianapolis Colts: 2020 Team Projections

For those who didn't see this series last year, I try to take a different approach to fantasy projections than your run-of-the-mill rankings. The basis of my process is that the number one indicator of fantasy success is opportunities to touch the ball. Obviously individual player skill can (and will) affect that, but at the end of the day players are at the mercy of playcalling and play design. Therefore, if we want to make accurate projections, we need to look at each coach's scheme and how they like to spread the ball around.

The Rivers Reboot: Preview of the 2020 Indianapolis Colts

Luck's retirement forced the Colts to start Jacoby Brissett, and the Colts went from 10-6 the previous season to 7-9 and 3rd in the division. The Colts signed Philip Rivers to improve their offense, but can they support multiple fantasy options without Andrew Luck? Can they rebound from their disappointing season? Let's find out.