In My Defense: A Transatlantic Look at IDP – Week 1

I'm not sure whether I'm a bigger fan of a good Pennsylvania Rye or a healthy pour of Glenlivet, so I try to keep a supply on hand to quench my thirst. In the same token, I'm not sure if you enjoy my (JJ) brand of smooth dad-joke laden IDP takes or if you prefer the Benny Hill and Oscar Wilde mash-up of Duncan Smith. Well, you are going to get a mix of both as we join forces to take a look at weekly IDP trends.

Hack to the Future: A look back at NFL drafts

In today's disposable society, we rarely look back and take stock of where we were in yesteryear and how we got to today. Well, with a little help from my old friend, the internet, I've decided to go back and look at previous NFL drafts. I'm looking at picks 1,25,50,75 and 100 from each year starting in 2014. When the exact pick isn't an offensive player, I've taken the next closest and indicated their draft position. I've chosen to start my retrospective in 2014 mostly because woof, what a crop.

ROD Writers League: The Anatomy of a Startup Draft – Part 6

By Duncan Smith Greetings All, and welcome to part 6 of our startup recap. I'm going to wrap up here with the second half of our draft. I'm going to recap our format and scoring quickly. It is as follows, 12 team, Superflex Dynasty league.  Squads consist of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 … Continue reading ROD Writers League: The Anatomy of a Startup Draft – Part 6

There’s an App (State) for That: Why you should roster Darrynton Evans immediately

Now that you’ve all followed my advice and gone out and acquired shares in all of my rookie sleepers... You did, right? I’m back with another rookie running back for you to consider, Tennessee Titans Darrynton Evans, the Appalachian State back who was selected 93rd overall in the third round by Tennessee.

Doubting Thomas: The Case for Logan Thomas

Are you the type of Dynasty player who likes scouring the bottom of the ADP lists and depth charts for players? Do you get excited when you see a new article claiming "Deep Sleepers" only to find four of the picks went in the first 15 rounds of your start-up?

ROD Writers League: The Anatomy of a Startup Draft – Part 1

Here at Ride or Dynasty, we like to give you the content you can use, so we're giving you a look at the results of our Writers' Room dynasty startup draft. It's put up or shut up time, who will stick to their grand philosophy? Who will crumble like week-old tacos when a player they claim to hate starts dropping and lands in their lap. Can I make it out the other side with any dignity?