Next Man Up: 2020 Preseason Injury Review

Football is a physical game, which centers around collisions. When you compound the size and strength of today’s professional athletes with the violence of the sport, it's truly a miracle that there are not injuries on every single play. While I would never wish harm upon anyone, injuries are an unfortunate reality of football, and with that comes their impact on fantasy. Check out the 2020 Preseason Injury Preview for updates on some of the big names in fantasy heading into the 2020 draft season!

How to IDP: Settings and Scoring

The scoring in any league should be balanced so the average player at different positions have the ability to score about the same number of points. This balance will lead to more trades including defensive players, more rewards for doing your research, and more fun for all league members.

Ride or Dynasty Post-Super Bowl Mock Draft

Football season has officially ended, sending us off with yet another New England Patriots Super Bowl victory. *sarcastic 'hooray'* So, what else is new? Well, for starters, this website. We're new players in the fantasy football advice world. And while our focus at Ride or Dynasty will mainly be on fantasy football going forward, what … Continue reading Ride or Dynasty Post-Super Bowl Mock Draft