In My Defense – Week 11

We’ve finally reached the Thanksgiving point of the season, a holiday that as a Scot I don’t really understand. What I do understand is that it’s the week I get to watch non-Sunday football without staying up until about 3 am. The Detroit game kicks off at 5.30 pm local time for me!

In My Defense – Week 5

By Duncan Smith and JJ Wenner Welcome to our week 5 defensive recap, the week started with Tom Brady getting sacked 3 times on Thursday night, continued with 7 individual players sacking Joe Burrow on Sunday, and finished with the first Tuesday game since Minnesota played Philadelphia in 2010, and Tennessee scoring 42 points against … Continue reading In My Defense – Week 5

In My Defense: Week 4

Welcome to week 4. We're a quarter of the way through the 2020 season. Or 9/10ths of the way through it if you happen to be a Tennessee Titan, who knows when they will be back on the field. At this point, we review every team and highlight the names to know and avoid at each position.

In My Defense: A Transatlantic Look at IDP – Week 3

So many injuries, so little time... Duncan is right, this is the time of the season to start scouring the waiver wire for players getting bumps in playing time. Adding a Mykal Walker or Porter Gustin might seem like a waste of time, but getting them a week early is key. Keep the bottom portion of your roster churning.

The Next Man Up Injury Report: Week 2

This weekly article serves to update you on the latest fantasy relevant injury news from around the NFL. I will break down injuries from last week, and give updates on players expected to return to action soon. No one wants to see a player go down, but it is the unfortunate nature of the game. Check out the “Next Man Up Injury Report” to find which players stand the most to gain from these injuries and make sure you’re in the know while surfing your league’s waiver wire!