In My Defense – Week 16

Ho ho ho, Merry Championship week. Despite everything 2020 threw at us, we’ve made it, assuming no alien invasions, Cthulhu attacks, or the lizard people revealing themselves and enslaving us all, we’ve made it. We should all be very happy at that thought.

In My Defense – Week 13

And now the end is here, so we’ve faced the final curtain, and made the playoffs! Yay, well yay for those of you who made the playoffs. In the interests of full disclosure I did not make the playoffs in my IDP league, I finished the season at 7-6 but due to me not having 2 starting quarterbacks for two weeks due to COVID and injuries, and our wild card spots being decided by points for I missed out. I am however guaranteed a top 4 pick next year and I’m reaching a point where I feel really good about my team going forward, who knows maybe I’ll do a deep dive into my roster in the off-season.

In My Defense – Week 12

In between the Covid-19 chaos we started with the Washington front seven smashing up Dallas, saw one player score two defensive touchdowns on back to back plays, a team with no quarterback manage 113 yards of total offense, Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill combine to put up more against Tampa in one quarter than most teams manage in four, Aaron Donald get back to sacking ways, Joey Bosa tear through the Bills and we finally crossed the plane to week 13 with T.J. Watt leading the charge for Mr. Sacktacular 2020.

In My Defense – Week 11

We’ve finally reached the Thanksgiving point of the season, a holiday that as a Scot I don’t really understand. What I do understand is that it’s the week I get to watch non-Sunday football without staying up until about 3 am. The Detroit game kicks off at 5.30 pm local time for me!