In My Defense: Week 4

Welcome to week 4. We're a quarter of the way through the 2020 season. Or 9/10ths of the way through it if you happen to be a Tennessee Titan, who knows when they will be back on the field. At this point, we review every team and highlight the names to know and avoid at each position.

In My Defense: A Transatlantic Look at IDP – Week 3

So many injuries, so little time... Duncan is right, this is the time of the season to start scouring the waiver wire for players getting bumps in playing time. Adding a Mykal Walker or Porter Gustin might seem like a waste of time, but getting them a week early is key. Keep the bottom portion of your roster churning.

Dynasty Perspective: Comparing the Draft Value of Veterans vs Rookies – TEs

This is not a pro-Jason Witten take. Even though I love Witten and he has always been one of my favorite players, it scares me to no end that old man Witten was able to squeak into the top 12 of the position in 2019. Can any fantasy football player honestly say that they would have been happy with Jason Witten being their top TE for the season? If you can, then please share with me whatever you are drinking or smoking.

In My Defense: A Transatlantic Look at IDP – Week 1

I'm not sure whether I'm a bigger fan of a good Pennsylvania Rye or a healthy pour of Glenlivet, so I try to keep a supply on hand to quench my thirst. In the same token, I'm not sure if you enjoy my (JJ) brand of smooth dad-joke laden IDP takes or if you prefer the Benny Hill and Oscar Wilde mash-up of Duncan Smith. Well, you are going to get a mix of both as we join forces to take a look at weekly IDP trends.

Hack to the Future: A look back at NFL drafts

In today's disposable society, we rarely look back and take stock of where we were in yesteryear and how we got to today. Well, with a little help from my old friend, the internet, I've decided to go back and look at previous NFL drafts. I'm looking at picks 1,25,50,75 and 100 from each year starting in 2014. When the exact pick isn't an offensive player, I've taken the next closest and indicated their draft position. I've chosen to start my retrospective in 2014 mostly because woof, what a crop.