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Welcome to Ride or Dynasty, your go-to fantasy football source for all things Dynasty!

For fantasy nerds, sometimes standard and PPR redraft formats are not in-depth enough to satisfy our inner-NFL general managers.

You may have heard of the Dynasty, Devy (short for developmental) and Individual Defensive Player (IDP) formats, but thought they are “too complicated” or require “too much time.”

We are here to tell you that is a lie. A damn, bloody lie.

That’s where we come in with several decades of combined fantasy football experience. To us, fantasy football is not just a September-to-December activity, but a year-round passion.

Our offseason is spent scouting incoming rookies and tracking every NFL transaction to see which players’ outlook improved and which ones did not. Summers are for following team training camps and compiling player rankings in time for fantasy draft season. Preseason is time for studying stats and film to uncover this year’s sleeper, while biting our fingernails with worry over who will fall victim to a preseason injury.

So, why do we do this? Because we’re enthusiasts. And, of course, to build contenders and win championships.

At Ride or Dynasty, we cut through the static.

Our team strives to bring you the very best dynasty advice on the web, arming you with what you need to win championships and rule your league like a true dynasty.

Meet the Crew:


JJ Wenner – Founder and CEO of Ride or Dynasty, Host of the RoD Pod

Team: New York Jets

Bio: I am an avid dynasty manager who is in way too many leagues. My real job is a middle school teacher and proud advisor of the FFLA (Future Fantasy Leaders of America), a middle school fantasy football club where we pass on our passion for fantasy to the next generation.

Social Media:
Twitter: @JJWenner
Reddit: u/rideordynasty
Clubhouse: @JJWenner

Jared Clifton – COO, Host of Ro3 Pod, Writer

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Bio: I am a husband, dad to three, and leader of men first…but my fantasy teams don’t fall too far behind. That’s not an indictment on my dedication to my family or my career. It’s just high praise for my fantasy teams!

Social Media:
Twitter: @unstuckintime82
Reddit: u/unstuckintime82

Kyle Allen – CMO, Writer, RoD Pod

Team: New England Patriots

Bio: I am a registered nurse with experience in orthopedics, total joint replacement, and foot ankle surgery. I am currently in the process of completing my master’s degree and finishing my clinical preparation to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. I specialize in producing injury content for articles and podcasts here at Ride or Dynasty as well as managing our social media accounts.

Social Media:
Twitter: @kallen_4
Reddit: u/kallen_4

Don Detwiler – RoD Podcast, Writer

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Bio: Fantasy player for about as long as I can remember, NFL draft junkie, and recovering DIII offensive linemen (my knees remind me everyday). Was I good? Nope, but I learned a lot about the game. I hope to bring a more on field based prospective to the staff here at Ride or Dynasty. Outside the realm of fantasy I’m a middle school science teacher, ice hockey goalie, bird watcher, and lover of craft beer.

Social Media:

Matt Gleason – Writer

Team: Green Bay Packers

Bio: I am a mechanical engineer by trade currently working in design and development. Dynasty fantasy football is one hobby I spend lots of my free time diving into. Time that isn’t spent on the computer working, gaming, day trading, or researching fantasy football, I spend hanging out with my wife and son, and playing slow pitch softball as much as I can. Go Pack Go!

Social Media:
Twitter: @TheMattGleason

Erik Kreil – Writer

Team: Washington Football Team

Bio: If you like piña coladas & getting caught in the rain, you’re probably going to miss the football game. I prefer to invite my college buddies over & watch Penn State play in the Rose Bowl. The Washington Football Team has taught me to have a realistic opinion about sports, and I think that comes through with my writing. I’m also a licensed orthopedic Physical Therapist, so I have a special interest in evaluating and discussing player injuries and prognosis.

Social Media:
Twitter: @ff_nighthawk

Rob Mongole – Writer

Team: Green Bay Packers

Bio: Rob Mongole is a lawyer by day and a fantasy enthusiast by both day and night.  He is diehard Packer’s fan, outdoor enthusiast, and lawyer who is currently residing in Houston.

Social Media:
Twitter: @TheRotoRob
Reddit: u/TheRotoRob

Blair Pierroz – Ro3 Podcast, Writer

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Bio: I am middle school math teacher from California. I attended UCLA for undergrad before getting my credential & Masters from UC Davis. When I’m not teaching, I am almost certainly playing sports, poker, or a board game. My love of stats & sports make for an obvious love of fantasy. I prefer SF & Dynasty leagues, but I’m enough of a degenerate to play whatever I can. I will do my best to apply game theory to help you find an edge in completing trades for your dynasty team.

Social Media:
Twitter: @BlairPierroz
Reddit: u/81air

Duncan Smith – Writer

Team: New York Jets

Bio: I’m currently living on the beautiful west coast of Scotland. My interest in the NFL began with a desire to find a sport that (in theory) gave every team an equal chance of winning it all every year. However, I’m a Jets fan so I may have taken a wrong turn somewhere. You can find me hanging around the dynasty & IDP sections of

Social Media:
Twitter: @duncafc
Reddit: u/duncafc

Brendan Taffe – Ro3 Podcast, Writer

Team: Buffalo Bills

Bio: Currently finishing grad school in beautiful Buffalo, NY and yes, I’m a Bills fan.  I’ve been playing fantasy for years but got into Dynasty/SF 5 years ago and I’ll never go back. When I’m not tinkering with my lineup I’m either watching the Red Sox or Celtics, I’m at a movie theater, or I’m beating my friends at a drinking game. 

Social Media:
Twitter: @BCTAFFE

Matthew Walters – Writer 

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Bio: I’m an athletic trainer for a high school in Dallas, Texas. In case you don’t know what an athletic trainer does, I am the guy that runs out onto the field to help an injured athlete. While there is plenty more to it than that, that is the jist of it. I have a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology focusing on Sports Medicine and a Master of Science in Athletic Training. I have been playing fantasy football for close to 15 years now.

Social Media:
Twitter: @fantasyferret

Devin Wojick – Writer

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Bio: I am currently completing my Bachelor of Education degree, following my Bachelor of English at Mount Allison University up here in Canada. I would consider myself a fantasy football vet and general football fanatic. My main areas of interest are in superflex or 2QB leagues but I’m into anything that lets me flex some of my football knowledge. If you see me complaining about the Seahawks, it’s a product of love. If you see me complaining about the 49ers, it is coming from a place of hatred. Book reader, movie watcher, and gym go-er.

Social Media:
Twitter: @CurlyHeadDuck

Robert Woo – Writer

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Bio: Robert probably knows the least about fantasy football out of this fine crew, but the most about being a minority. He writes for television and marketing when he’s not checking his Bitcoin prices. His safe words are “Jimmy Garoppolo.”

Social Media:
Twitter: @theasianslant

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