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Rider Bites: It Pays to be Greedy

In a steamy recount, Matthew Walters tells of a trade that went… right. Find out what pushing the right buttons can lead to.

By Matthew Walters

If you have played dynasty for any time, you surely have had that player on your roster that is basically just taking up space. Sure, the potential had been there, but they had always underperformed in one way or another. Whether it be an injury, can’t learn the playbook, or legal trouble, you just never know why they haven’t succeeded. So now you are sitting there trying to make room for potential rookies and need to make some cuts. This year, for me, that player is Preston Williams. 

Preston Williams is buried on the depth chart in Miami and just has not been able to stay healthy in his young career. He is, at best, the 5th option in the receiving game for the Dolphins now. He has shown flashes when he has been healthy. However, Miami did not have many other options. I reached the point of cutting him from my rosters to make way for rookies with some potential. However, if you are going to cut players like Williams, you should always wait until the last day to do so. Because you never know who might be interested in trading for them. Which is exactly what happened to me. 

To my surprise, I had a league mate send a trade offer of a 2022 3rd while I had been considering cutting Williams. So here was a chance to add a future draft pick for a player that I would most likely cut from my roster. Sign me up! However, I am a greedy SOB, and most of the time, a manager sends a lower trade offer than what they deem a player to be worth. 

So I decided to counter the trade. I told the other manager that I would take a 2023 2nd for Williams. The manager said that this would be too much to give for a player such as Williams. While I agreed with him, I could not let him know that in the negotiations. I told him that we needed to meet somewhere in the middle. His original trade was not enough, but I needed more to pull the trigger. That is when he sent over the following proposition.

I could not believe what I was seeing. The other manager wanted to take away Ronald Jones from me as well?! I had also been looking for an out on Jones. While I am not the biggest Chase Edmonds fan, just going off current ADPs Edmonds is going 20 picks ahead of Jones. So it would seem to me that I am essentially trading Ronald Jones straight up for Chase Edmonds, and then I am getting a 2nd, 3rd, and Sony Michel for Preston Williams. I was ecstatic about this and did not hesitate to accept the trade. 

The moral of this story is that sometimes it pays to be greedy. While there are always trades, you should smash accept before the manager figures out what they’ve offered to you.

Yes, I am talking about the manager that offered me Dalvin Cook for the rookie 1.04 pick.

As a dynasty manager, you should not be afraid to ask for more during negotiations. You never know what the other managers will give to you. 

Matt Walters – Injury Writer/The Man Up Podcast
Twitter: @fantasyferret
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