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Dynasty Dictionary: From A to Z, the Terms You Need to Know

Ride or Dynasty defines the most common terms that you will need to know to play dynasty football.

Are you new to dynasty?

Are you about to join your first dynasty startup or are you taking over an orphan?

We remember when we took the first step down the dynasty path and, at times, the vocabulary was a bit foreign. Here is a list of a lot of the words you will hear on Podcasts and see in your league chats.

If you have any suggestions for additional dynasty startup, fantasy, or even NFL football terms, leave them in the comments!

2QBfantasy football format requiring managers to start two quarterbacks in their lineup each week; increases the value of quarterbacks due to scarcity
3RRThird Round Reversal - a type of draft where the first two rounds snake (1-10, 10-1), the third round repeats (10-1) and then snakes for the rest of the rounds
Add/Dropgeneral term for adding or dropping a player after a draft
aDOTAverage Depth of Target - the distance from the line of scrimmage to where the ball is caught
ADPAverage Draft Position - the mean point at which a player is drafted in a given season across a certain format; this helps you decide when a player will be selected in a dynasty startup draft or a rookie draft
Analyticsthe use of statistics and numbers to evaluate players or teams; considered "nerds"; never grinders
Auction Draftan alternative to a regular draft; each manager has a budget and players are auctioned to the highest bidder
Bellcowa running back who receives the majority of the touches
Benchthe players on your roster who are not in your starting line-up
Best Balla fantasy football format where you do not set a lineup, rather your best players are selected by the platform based on results
Blind Bida type of waiver process where managers can place a blind bid on free agents
BPABest Player Available - a draft strategy that ignores position and focuses on picking the most talented players
Breakout Agethe age that a wide receiver first achieved 20+% Dominator Rating in college.
Busta player who has underperformed in relation to his draft capital
Buy Lowa player who's value has dropped and may be available for a smaller cost compared to his potential value
Carrya rushing attempt
Ceilingthe most a player will be able to score, based on tangibles such as previous scoring, ability, team and team mates
College Dominatorthe percentage of a wide receivers total team receiving yards and receiving touchdowns in college.
Commissionerthe entity running a league; generally the commissioner is one of the managers
Consensus Rankingsa collective ranking of players based on a specified set of individual rankings. Helps remove any variance caused by one ranker varying drastically from the norm
Cornerback (CB)a position in IDP leagues for players who cover receivers; do NOT draft corners
Cutsthe time of season when rosters are reduced to in-season levels
Deep Benchesa fantasy league feature where there are many bench spots; creates scarcity and requires planning
Deep Sleepersplayers who may not be selected in a draft but are believed to hold value
Defensive End (DE)a position in IDP leagues also known as an Edge; player who lines up outside the tackles and rushes the passer
Defensive Tackle (DT)a position in IDP leagues for players who lineup inside of the tackles, generally over the guards & center; also called IDL (interior defensive lineman) in some circles
Depth Chartan unofficial ranking of players based upon their playing time
Devy LeagueDevelopmental Fantasy League - a fantasy football format where you draft players who are still in college
DFSDaily Fantasy Sports - a variety of different contests that focus on weekly picks
Dispersal Drafttype of draft where a pool of players is drafted by a subset group of managers; generally used when a league is replacing multiple managers
Downhill Runnertypically a bigger running back who uses his physical size to run in a direct line toards the goal
Draftan event where players are distributed to teams via a selection process
Draft Capitalthe pick value required to acquire a player. A player picked early will have higher draft capital than a player picked later
Draft Classthe players drafted in the same year
Draft Orderthe order in which managers will select players; generally the reverse order of how managers finished the previous season
DST or D/STa roster position for a team's defense and special teams; don't join leagues with team defense
Duesannual payment for a fantasy league
Dynastya fantasy football format where players are retained from year to year, rather than drafting a new team annually (redraft)
Dynasty Rankingsan analysts opinion on the best players at each position in the dynasty format; generally this is a 3 projection
Edgea defensive player who lines up outside of the tackle; generally a pass rusher
Empire Leaguea dynasty league with a multi-season goal which when achieved triggers the end of the league
End Zone10 yard area at each end of the playing field, scoring plays occur within this area
FAABFree-Agent Acquisition Budget, in app cash used to secure players from the waiver wire. Used as an alternative to position based waiver priority
FCFSFirst Come, First Serve - a type of waivers where free agents can be acquired for no cost
Filmvideo footage of a player; generally used with the word "grind" or "grinder" to denote hard work
FleaFlickera fantasy football platform; free
Flexa roster position for multiple positions; generally the flex is for running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends
Floorthe lowest amount a player is expected to score, based on tangibles such as previous scoring, ability, team and team mates
Free Agentsplayers not currently rostered
Gapthe space between two offensive linemen; labeled with letters
Guillotine Leaguea fantasy format where the lowest scoring team weekly is eliminated and its roster placed into the free agent pool
Handcuffa backup to a player you have on your roster; generally drafted as an insurance policy
Holdto retain a player; sometimes refers to retaining a player after a poor season
Hot Takea controversial opinion that varies drastically from the norm
Hype Traina situation where a group of fantasy writers all begin to like a player and the player's value increases
IDPIndividual Defensive Postion - teams draft defensive players in the same way they draft offensive players; used to replace Team Defense
Injured Reservealso known as IR - an injury designation in the NFL that is often replicated in dynasty leagues; allows you to add a replacement without losing the original player
JAGJust Another Guy - a replacable player; nothing special.
Keeper Leaguea fantasy football format where you keep a limited amount of players each year; a hybrid between redraft and dynasty
Kickersthe position that divides every home league between those who hate them and those who love them
LeagueSafefantasy football based payment site; used to hold money for leagues to avoid issues
Linebacker (LB)a position in IDP leagues for players who lineup behind the defensive line
Lineupyour weekly submission of starters for your team; will vary depending on league rules
London Gamesseries of games early in the season played in London, England. Managers, especially on the West Coast need to be aware of the early kick off times
MFLMy Fantasy League - fantasy football platform; most customizable but expensive (JJ's favorite!)
Mock Drafta simulated draft created seemingly to begin arguments
On the Clockwhen your team is drafting; refers to the timer to make your pick
Orphana team in a dynasty league without a manager
PFFPro Football Focus - industry site that provides player grades based upon their metrics
Poolgroup of players not on a roster
Potential Pointstotal number of points if lineups were set perfectly
PP1DPoints per First Down - players receive a set amount of points for each first down attained
PPCPoints per Carry - players receive a set amount of points per each carry; generally .25 points or lower
PPRPoints per Reception - players receive a set amount of points per each reception; generally either .5 points or 1 point per reception
Projectionsa forecast of the number of points a player will score
QuadsQuadriceps - a muscle that AJ Dillon has in abundance
RBBCRunning Back By Committee - a football team who uses multiple running backs rather than a single back (bellcow)
Reality Sports Onlinea fantasy football platform that provides a more realistic team management experience; paid
Receiving Backa running back who is mostly used on passing plays
Red Zonethe area of the field between the End Zone and the Twenty Yard Line
Red Zonelive highlights program broadcast on a Sunday, shows all scoring plays from that days games
Redrafta fantasy football format where you draft a new team annually
Regressionstatistical theory that the season following an outlier will fall within norm
Rookie Draftannual event where dynasty managers select incoming rookies to their rosters
Route Treea visual representation of the basic routes run by wide receivers. All routes branch from one central vertical route giving the impression of a tree
Safety (S)a position in IDP leagues for players who generally lineup behind the linebackers; deep position group and difficult to forecast
Salary Cap Leaguea fantasy format where each team has an annual budget for players; meant to replicate the NFL process
Satellite Backa running back who is mostly used on passing plays; see Receiving Back
Scat Backa running back who is mostly used on passing plays; see Receiving Back
Scott Fish Bowla massive tournament run by Scott Fish to benefit Toys for Tots; fantastic way to meet people
Sell Higha Player who's value is at it's highest, selling at this point should return maximum value
SFSuperflex - a flex position that can be filled by a quarterback as well as a running back, wide receiver, or tight end
Shutdown Corneran elite cornerback, often shadows the opponents best wide receiver; receivers facing a shut down corner are likely to have a disappointing fantasy week.
Sleeperplayers who may be selected later in drafts who may hold some value
Sleeperan app-based platform for playing fantasy football
Slot Receivera receiver who primarily lines up between the tackle/tight end and the outside receiver
Slow Draftdraft format where teams have up to 8 hours to make a pick (league dependent)
Snake Drafttype of draft where the order reverses every round, rather than repeating the same order
Snap Counta statistic tracking the number of snaps played as a number and a percentage of the total possible snaps; used to understand opportunity
Stacka fantasy strategy where you pick players from the same team to capitalize on an offense's strength; generally a QB/WR combo
Standard Leaguerefers to a non-ppr league
Start Up Draftthe first draft used to set up a dynasty league, all players actively playing in the NFL are available for selection.
Start/Sittype of article where experts provide their picks for players to start and players to bench
Stasha player that is not expected to be valuable during the current season but has the talent to be valuable in the future; held on a roster to prevent other teams from picking the player.
Sweeteneran extra piece added to a trade to close the deal
Tablesa plotting of numbers in a chart, normally on Excel or Google Sheets; or an item through which some Bills' fans like to be thrown
Targetan attempted pass to a player; or a player desired by a manager
Taxi Squada league feature where young players can be kept; varies depending on league rules
TE PremiumTight End Premium - a league which rewards tight ends with either extra points per reception (PPR) or extra points per receiving yard
Team Defensea roster position for a team's defense and special teams; don't join leagues with team defense
Third Down Running Backa running back who is mostly used on passing plays; see Receiving Back
Three Down Linebackerthe most coveted of linebackers; a player who remains on the field for passing downs
Three Down Running Backa running back that has ability to rush the ball and can be involved in the passing game
Tiersan approach to ranking where players are grouped by their perceived potential
Toilet Bowlan end-of-season tournament between non-playoff teams to determine the worst team; a means of keeping all players active in the league; often requires the 'winning' team to carry out a forfeit
Touchdown Vulturea player who replaces the main running back near the endzone and scores a touchdown
Tradea transaction when two teams exchange players and/or picks
Trade Baita feature in most fantasy football platforms where a manager can list players and/or picks they are willing to trade
Upright Runnera running back who runs in an upright position (ie Eddie George)
Vampire Leaguea fantasy football format where one team manager does not participate in the draft; this "vampire" team must make up their roster from the remaining pool of players and if the vampire wins a week they are permitted to take a player from their opponents roster
Vertical Runnera running back who runs in an upright position (ie Eddie George); a running back that uses his size to run the football in a direct approach to the end zone. Often looks to initiate contact with defensive players. See Downhill runner
Waiversthe process for adding a player after the draft; managers place blind requests for players and at a specified time waivers are processed according to league rules
Yardage Bonusscoring format where players receive a bonus for achieving statistical goals (ie 100 rushing yards or 300 passing yards)

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