By Josh Frey

Back from a one-week hiatus! Did I have Tyreek’s record day advised? Perhaps Derrick Henry’s 3 TD day? We may never know… I do know that it was a strange week. Look no further than the Broncos vs. Saints game, which featured less than 20 total completions! Next time your buddy says “Even I could have…” or “He’s a terrible quarterback.” on a Sunday, show them this game. Whoof. Props to Kordell Hinton for stepping up to the plate though, that takes some serious cojones knowing you’re getting fed to the wolves…

Without further ado, here are my week 13 plays for the main slate (morning and afternoon games). Enjoy!

DFS Plays – Week 13 Main Slate (Noon/3pm Central Time):


o   Aaron Rodgers vs. Eagles

·         FanDuel = $8,500 / DraftKings = $6,800

·         Aaron Rodgers is having a career year… Which is saying something. The Eagles have a solid defense, but not as good as the Bears who Rodgers just torched for 4 TDs. His receiving corps is fully healthy and his price is very manageable.

o   Mitch Trubisky vs. Lions

·         FanDuel = $6,900 / DraftKings = $5,400

·         Trubisky is expected to start against a bad Lions secondary. He looked somewhat decent against the Packers, at least in garbage time. Underrated rushing upside makes him a viable tourney play. It’s 2020, and crazier things have happened!

Running Back:

o   Dalvin Cook vs. Jaguars

·         FanDuel = $10,500 / DraftKings = $9,500

·         Dalvin Cook had an injury scare last Sunday, but looks to be okay. The Jags are struggling against the run- huge potential here.

o   Derrick Henry vs. Browns

·         FanDuel = $10,000 / DraftKings = $9,200

·         The “Finisher,” according to Lebron James, has been on a roll as of late with 3 straight hundred-yard rushing performances. Myles Garrett’s return will help stabilize the Browns’ run defense, but reports of the Titans needing to throw the ball to Henry more are too appealing to

o   Myles Gaskin vs. Bengals

·         FanDuel = $5,500 / DraftKings = $5,900

·         Myles Gaskin should be back on Sunday and may be the last man standing in this backfield. If that’s the case, his volume alone is a value at his price; throw in the fact they play the Bengals sub-par defense and this looks to be a no-brainer.

o   Frank Gore vs. Raiders

·         FanDuel = $5,300 / DraftKings = $4,400

·         The ageless wonder has looked solid the last couple of weeks! With 38 total touches in weeks 11 / 12, Gore was able to break a number of big plays. If Derek Carr plays like he did last week, the Jets could actually have a lead! I

Wide Receiver:

o   Davante Adams vs. Eagles

·         FanDuel = $9,500 / DraftKings = $9,000

·         Adams is averaging over 100 yards a game has scored eleven touchdowns in the nine games he has played this year… The Eagles secondary should have a difficult time stopping Green Bay’s top receiving option in this one.

o  Brandin Cooks vs. Colts

·         FanDuel = $6,500 / DraftKings = $5,600

·         With Will Fuller out for the rest of the season, suspended, Cooks should see a significant bump in targets. The Colts have a very solid defense this year, but the Texans should have to throw often in this one and Cooks’ big-play potential along with the increase in volume makes for a very high ceiling.

o  DJ Chark Jr @ Vikings

·         FanDuel = $6,300 / DraftKings = $5,400

·         I had DaVante Parker here, but it looks like Tua is going to be available- meaning that Parker likely won’t get the FOURTEEN targets he saw last week… My plan B is Chark. Mike Glennon was competent on Sunday, and will “let it rip” on Sunday. The Jags deep threat is Chark, who Glennon praised this week for being better than he had thought. The Vikings defense is definitely beatable; we could be on to something here.  

o   Mike Williams vs. Patriots

·         FanDuel = $5,800 / DraftKings = $4,800

·         Call this a gut-feeling; Belichick likes to take away opposing #1 targets. This should tie up Keenan Allen and ideally leave Mike Williams with a lot of targets. With Williams’ big play potential, any boost in volume would be a smash start (especially for $4,800).

Tight End:

o   Dallas Goedert @ Packers

·         FanDuel = $6,200 / DraftKings = $4,300

·         Say what you want about Carson Wentz this season—he’s still more than capable of getting the ball to his stud TE. After a slow start, Goedert has put together back-to-back 18+ point weeks in PPR leagues. The Eagles will have to throw the ball in order to keep up with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers’ offense, and Goedert seems to be the one bright spot of all the Eagles’ pass catchers. Zach Ertz is likely coming back this week, but reports are that he will be on a snap count. Goedert should EAT.

o   Robert Tonyan vs. Eagles

·         FanDuel = $5,900 / DraftKings = $3,700

·         Big Bobby Tonyan has been a solid option at TE this week and has weekly blowup potential with Rodgers throwing him the ball. The Eagles’ are 25th against opposing TEs this year according to DraftKings, and at $3,700 he’s affordable. TEs in the main slate pool are incredibly weak this… week… FYI- the last time Tonyan played against a team with a “bird” mascot he went off for 3TDs…  

Defense / Special Teams:

o   Packers vs. Eagles

·         FanDuel = $4,100 / DraftKings = $3,800

·         The Packers defense is finally healthy, and it’s showing. Sunday the shell of Carson Wentz will be coming to town. If the Eagles fall behind early I can see the Smith brothers and Rashan Gary terrorizing that offensive line- creating a few turnovers in the process.

o   Seahawks vs. Giants

·         FanDuel = $4,700 / DraftKings = $3,300

·         The Seahawks defense has been playing a lot better recently and it looks like they’ll be playing against Colt McCoy on Sunday… Smart play at defense. Pick-6 for Jamal Adams, anyone?

*REMINDER: Every lineup you have should be based on players YOU think are going to have big games. If you’re undecided, use this article to help and feel free to use my burning of the midnight oil-logic in perfecting your lineup. I try to hit some top-tier/expensive players and some bottom barrel/cheap players in every article, though there is going to be variety with that every week. Good luck, everyone!!!

Josh Frey – DFS
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