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Bullseye: Four Easy Trade Targets in Redraft

Four priority trade targets to help you win a fantasy championship.

By Blake Koppen

The beginning of the 2020 fantasy season has been crushed with major injuries. Saquon Barkley is out for the year as well as Courtland Sutton and Marlon Mack, Christian McCaffrey is out for a few weeks, Michael Thomas and Chris Godwin have had to sit out a handful, Nick Chubb is out, and the list goes on.

Whether your team is in turmoil from these or not, this early part of the season can be a great time to improve your team through trading. This article will name four players to target in these trades as well as a few suggestions of who to give up to acquire them.

  1. Julio Jones

Julio Jones has had an injury-marred start to the season, disappointing many who took him in the 2nd or 1st round. However, when he is fully healthy, you can expect him to return to his usual top 5 numbers. It might be a bit of a long shot to expect a discount on Julio, but if any time is right, it’s now.

Suggested 1 for 1 Trades: Tyler Lockett, Joe Mixon, Allen Robinson

  1. Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor has been on quite the fantasy football value rollercoaster. Initially, it was expected Taylor would start the season by leading a committee, then the Colts’ coaching staff stated Marlon Mack was still the starter, and now Mack is unfortunately out of the season. The last event led to Taylor leaping from 15 touches in week 1 to 28 in week 2. Although this share went down a bit over the last couple weeks, expect it to rebound to a consistent ~20 touches moving forward. Mix the opportunity with Taylor still developing as a player, and there could be a big payoff coming in a few weeks.

Suggested 1 for 1 Trades: Mike Evans, Adam Thielen, James Connor

  1. David Johnson

David Johnson’s only good matchup so far has been against the Vikings in week 4. Despite that, he has put up decent numbers so far, with 297 total yards, 9 receptions, and 2 TDs. Considering his fantasy situation can only get better after dealing with the worst possible game script situation from an 0-4 start against mostly tough defenses, now is a good time to buy.

Suggested 1 for 1 trades: Melvin Gordon, Raheem Mostert, Cooper Kupp

  1. Deebo Samuel

Deebo was finally able to make a return this week, but for those who were waiting for it, it might have been a little underwhelming. His 3/35 receiving line and a lone 10 yard rush came on a limited snap count of 34%, which will go up as Deebo finishes his recovery. Before this happens he can potentially nab him below the low-end flex value he belongs in.

Suggested 1 for 1 trades: Tee Higgins, Sammy Watkins, Adrian Peterson

Blake Koppen
Fantasy Football Analyst
Ride or Dynasty
Twitter: @BlakeKoppenFF

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