Clyde Edwards-Helaire: An Inconvenient Truth

By Duncan Smith

You paid too much for CEH.

Edit1 sorry I’ve been told that I have to justify wild statements, so here we go. 

He’s too small.

Edit2 I have to back up my controversial points of view with an actual argument.

So I should probably start by telling you to relax and breathe. My thoughts aren’t worth smashing your phone off the wall over. If you have CEH rostered, you are going to be starting him. I guess this article targets people considering trying to trade for him.

On Thursday night, we saw Edwards-Helaire on a pro field for the first time, and he looked good between the 20s. I saw a player who reminded me of Phillip Lindsay, an undersized back with an oversized determination.

Now I love wee Phil. He’s an absolute baller and a great player on anyone’s fantasy roster. Year after year, he shows up and shows out but am I paying a first round? A second? No, of course not. He’s not a three-down back, he’s not a pile mover, he’s not the guy that’s going to force JJ Watt backward on the 1-yard line, and neither is CEH.

On Thursday, we saw Kansas have several ‘goal to go’ opportunities, and each time Edwards-Helaire was the initial point of attack. They stopped him each and every time. 

Now everyone is trying to argue that fact away, and Andy Reid is a running back whisperer, Kansas will get him more involved in the passing game, he was facing JJ Watt, and so on.

Let’s look at those arguments starting with Andy Reid. The idea here basically boils down to ‘Reid is a genius; therefore, he’s dumb enough to keep doing the thing that didn’t work until it works.’ Either Reid is a great head coach, or he’s Adam Gase. He can’t be both.

Reid saw the same game we saw on Thursday. CEH struggled in the red zone. He doesn’t have the size to move the ball when he doesn’t have room to cut or slip through gaps. Do we really think Reid will continue down the same path? The quicker we get used to saying ‘Darrel Williams touchdown vulture,’ the better.

Speaking about cuts, did anyone else notice that even in the middle of the field when a defender was square-shouldered to CEH, he got stopped quickly? By that, I mean when the defender got himself directly in front of him, he didn’t have the opportunity to drop a shoulder and go past, he’s not going to break many tackles.

Now the next argument is ‘he wasn’t involved in the passing game.’ My answer to that is Yes, he wasn’t. According to my fellow Rider Connor, he had two targets. Now I only remember one, a broken play where Edwards-Helaire forgot his blocking assignment and ended up with nothing to do behind the line of scrimmage. And he still didn’t haul in Mahomes pass (luckily for Kansas as it would almost definitely have resulted in a loss of yards).

Can I say for sure that he won’t be involved in the passing game? Of course not, but then again, I can say that there were no plays designed to get him involved in the passing game.

My third argument that I’m choosing to address is that apparently, Houston knew he was coming up the middle from the 1-yard line. As if that is something exclusive to the Texans. I’m close to 100% confident other teams in the league could have made the same calls.

Inside the 20, defenses become more compact. Linebackers are on the line. Safeties aren’t starting in the bleachers. CEH isn’t going to run up the middle, JJ Watt or no JJ Watt, and if he splits out, the safeties will be all over him.

The more comfortable option in these situations is to either throw to Kelce, let Mahomes punch it in, or use a back that can physically move the ball, and it’s that simple.

Will CEH score touchdowns? Of course. Will he score from inside the 20? More than likely. Will you all pile on me as soon as he does? Probably. Will he end the season as a first-round value? I don’t think so.

Edit3; hold this edit for when I’m proven wrong and redact the whole article.

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