ROD Writers League: The Anatomy of a Startup Draft – Part 4

By Duncan Smith

Welcome to part 4 of the ROD writers league startup draft. Here we close out the first ten rounds of the draft with rounds 8, 9, and 10.

By this stage in proceedings, our teams are coming together. Each manager should have an idea of where their strengths lie and what positions they need to take some fliers on in the middle rounds.  So without further ado here is the results of this portion of the draft:

Immediate impressions? Hello Quarterbacks! We’re seeing signal-callers tumble off the board with five going in round 8, 7 in round 9, and 1 in round 10.

We start things off with my pick of Sam Darnold. I hope my support of the Jets hasn’t clouded my judgment. But I believe Darnold can be a top tier QB. I hope Adam Gase doesn’t hang around long enough to damage his body or confidence permanently. Of the other Quarterbacks taken, we see @ObiWanKabloeme take his first, and it’s safe but boring Kirk Cousins. I think he has gotten lucky here to get a secure starter this late in the draft as his QB 1, but he took his chances and thinks it has paid off.

At this stage, we start to see the older guys Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Big Ben and some of the QBs less secure in their roles, Derek Carr and Gardner Minshew, start to go. @Brendan33 traded up to get Carr here as he was the last QB he liked. The amount of money Vegas are paying Mariota as backup concerns me, and how long Carr will get away with anything other than great performances.

Thirteen WRs went throughout these three rounds. I’m happy with the value I got in both of my picks, both players performed well last year with poor Quarterback play and can hopefully improve on that with Big Ben back and a new guy who is passing the ball in LA.

The Jarvis Landry pick I like if Baker can get it together, OBJ is likely to continue getting double coverage on at least name-value, leaving Landry open to do his thing.

I was high on Michael Gallup going into the NFL draft, but that Cowboys receiver corp scares me, and something has to give in terms of opportunity there.

In the tenth round, @Waltbzzy grabs his piece of the Kansas offense with Mecole Harman, and @ObiWan saves me the agony of getting too invested in the Jets by grabbing rookie Denzel Mims.

The selection of running backs here slows to a trickle as most people find value elsewhere, @Conbon45 gets David Johnson in the eighth round, which could be useful if he is fit and Bill O’Brian can utilize him fully in Texas. @Th3Sanchize is delighted to get a starting RB in Mark Ingram this far into the draft, how long Ingram figures to remain as his team’s starter remains to be seen.

Finally, we get 4 Tight Ends taken, last year’s star rookies, Noah Fant and TJ Hockenson, are selected, as well as Austin Hooper and Hayden Hurst. @thedevydirtbag knows that Hockenson didn’t blow the league away last year but also concedes that he has drafted a very boom or bust team and, as such, feels that Hockenson fits this mould well.

@Williscannon uses his trade pick to grab Hurst. He’s another piece of that high volume Falcons passing offense, and he has to hope that Hurst can connect with his new team.

So at the end of round ten, we can see most teams are relatively balanced. Only four teams have yet to address all positions, by not yet selecting a Tight End. Only one team has only selected one Quarterback, and three have only gone to the Quarterback well twice. With @Waltbzzy having selected four starting Quarterbacks, at least one team is now going to find they won’t have enough starters to go round at the position.

Next time, join me when we recap rounds 11 through 15 and hit the halfway point of the draft.

Duncan Smith – Dynasty/IDP
Ride or Dynasty
Twitter: @duncafc

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