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RoD Writers League: The Anatomy of a Startup Draft – Part 3

Part 3 in the RoD Writers League startup series!

By Duncan Smith

Welcome back to part three of my write up of the Ride or Dynasty Writers Room dynasty startup. We’re going to speed things up a little here and go through three rounds, highlighting some notable picks, where the runs happen, any reaches, and yes we can even touch on how I don’t really have an RB1, gulp.

Brendan33 kicks us off with Aaron Jones, Green Bay’s top rusher. Given the uncertainty that now exists in the Packers’ quarterback room, it might be smarter investing in their running game than their passing. Jones could see plenty of work from Rodgers if he stays on his good side and they could form a double team called The A-a-a-a-rons and tour the country as an Eighties revival synth group.

After two solid picks at receiver we get our run on quarterbacks with four up for grabs in the aforementioned Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Daniel Jones and Baker Mayfield. The first three of the QBs here mean we’re down to one team with no quarterback yet, ObiWanKaBloeme. 

Rodgers and Ryan are aging but both are quality, and when waiting this long to take your first QB in a superflex, are decent options you hope can give you two or three years of production. Personally, I got out from under Rodgers (hmm, that reads ruder than I intended!) last year in favour of Sam Darnold, I’m hoping I’ve done the right thing.

Daniel Jones isn’t perhaps the most glamorous of picks but he has some weapons and a big arm, those can go a long way in making a quarterback relevant, just ask his predecessor Eli.

Before the end of round five, we get another two quarterbacks off the board in Tua Tagovailoa and Matt Stafford. I’m all in on Tua Tagliatelle this year and would likely have taken him with one of my next two picks if he fell to me.

The news that Kareem Hunt has been working with the wideouts is good news to me in a full PPR format and I decided to make him my RB2 over Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon or Lev Bell. All of whom go before the draft comes back to me.

We get two Rookie receivers going in round six, Jerry Jeudy and Jalen Reagor. Conbon45 grabs Jeudy as his WR3 and he’s delighted because Jeudy was his highest ranked rookie receiver going into the draft.

After being sniped again thedevydirtbag gets Jalen Reagor, a man he sees with top rookie potential come December, or January, or whenever the season finishes, if it gets started.

The final five picks of the round include a further three signal callers, Jared Goff, Drew Lock and Dwayne Haskins. Hold on – didn’t Drew Lock get drafted last round? Nope that was Daniel Jones, carry on.

Of all the quarterbacks in the league, Dwayne Haskins might be the one with the most Josh Rosen-like future, buffeting from team to team from now until eternity, a grim joke in the discount jersey bin in club shops up and down the land. If he and Washington can’t show improvement this year, it is likely the new coaching regime goes out and gets a man they believe can.

Turning back into the 7th round, we quickly get two tight ends picked, Evan Engram and Darren Waller. Engram needs to stay healthy. Waller had a breakout year in 2019, and with only a 38 year old Jason Witten (a football pundit who somehow made Monday night worse than Andy Dalton) behind him, has a real chance of a Top 5 finish.

Next off the board are Todd Gurley and Chris Carson. Two players who, at 25 years old, are considered washed up by many. Injury questions have let these two fall into the seventh round and are a good example of why I prefer to target non-running back positions early in the draft. Any team should be able to churn through RB’s in the rookie drafts or make a move for a one year rental to win a championship. Paying for this year’s elite back doesn’t make sense to me. Realistically how long does anyone think CMC, Barkley or Zeke are staying in the first round of a startup? 

I just looked back at my 2018 startup and you know went 1.01? Todd Gurley II. Anyway enough of me ranting away like a mad man about elite running backs. But in case you’re interested, I took David Johnson at 1.06 in that draft.

In the back end of the round, Derrius Guice goes a few picks after Todd Gurley, another big injury concern running back but one that has shown flashes on the field and bizarrely doesn’t actually have long term health issues, if you don’t count the last two years. Which is fair because I don’t count the six months I couldn’t see properly because I didn’t have that many crashes when driving.

Our last three picks of the round are wide receivers Justin Jefferson, Tyler Boyd, and I snap up Deebo Samuel. In this format, his recent ankle injury isn’t overly concerning to me, after all it could be at least a year before we see any football anyway.

At the end of round seven ObiWanKaBloeme doesn’t have a quarterback and I still only have two running backs, and who knows if either of them will get enough touches to be classed a starter.

I think you’re sweating again. 

Stay tuned for part 4.

Duncan Smith (@duncafc)
Dynasty/Redraft Analyst

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