Doubting Thomas: The Case for Logan Thomas

By Duncan Smith

Are you the type of Dynasty player who likes scouring the bottom of the ADP lists and depth charts for players? 

The shiny nuggets of gold in a river of dirt? That one player who streaks through the fantasy world leaving you with a clinical case of the smug face? 

Do you get excited when you see a new article claiming “Deep Sleepers” only to find four of the picks went in the first 15 rounds of your start-up?

If that sounds like you then huddle in a little closer, I have something I want to show you.

Look at these three TEs and tell me who they are.

Any ideas? 

Well, player two is Rob Gronkowski, player three is Austin Hooper and player one?

Logan Thomas, drafted in the 4th round in 2014 by the Arizona Cardinals as a Quarterback and this year signed to a two year $6.1 million ($2.2 million guaranteed) deal with the Washington Redskins.

Washington lost not one, but two perfectly good tight ends last year in Vernon Davis and Jordan Reed. Next man up Jeremy Sprinkle was less than convincing with a 26-241-1 with an average of 9.3 yards line on the year. Now Thomas didn’t exactly light the year up either with his 16-173-1 stat line in Detroit, but here’s the thing, he has only played tight end professionally since 2016.

He was a 4 -star TE prospect coming out of high school, ahead of Tyler Eifert and Zach Ertz. He eliminated schools from selection based on them wanting to play him at QB. At Virginia Tech, he was persuaded to throw some passes and ended up playing quarterback for his whole college career.

So here we have a guy who wanted to play tight end, has the combine measurables to fit in with some of the greats of the modern game, has been signed by a head coach looking to transform an ailing team, has no apparent competition in the locker room, and at 29 he is heading into what will be his fifth season at the position.

While Thomas is slightly outside of the typical breakout season range for a Tight End, he did have to learn a new position at the professional level, so I am willing to let that slide.

Oh, and his coaches like him. Ron Rivera is on record comparing his athletic ability to Greg Olsen. Washington’s tight end coach Pete Hoener feels very strongly about the converted quarterback, considering him a brilliant footballer who is still learning his position.

If Rivera can get the most out of his defensive players and keep the Washington offense in games, then Scott Turner can use a big-bodied athlete in the tight end position. Thomas has the opportunity to be a safety valve for Dwayne Haskins in a season where he needs to improve to keep his job.

Logan Thomas has an opportunity to be the fourth critical piece of the Washington offense with Haskins, Terry McLaurin, and Antonio Gibson.

Thomas will cost you nothing, and at that price, I am willing to stick him on the end of my bench to see what he can do as the primary TE in Washington.

Duncan Smith – Dynasty/IDP
Ride or Dynasty
Twitter: @duncafc

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